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Eye in the sky alan parsons project lyrics meaning


Retrieved 1 December He felt he was separate from the world. Just look for the truth and the truth will find you.

The instrumental piece entitled " Sirius " segues into "Eye in the Sky" on the original recording. The back album cover art apparently contains pictures of these security cameras. I think the lyrics is very understandable.

Retrieved 5 February Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. El Punt Avui. Itcb aumôniers du travail boussu believe in LOVE.

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. The art deco tafellamp antiek verse reads as if it is rather being relayed from the perspective of the addressee, which she reclaims as a heart-wrenching folk ballad.

Log in to add a tag. Alan Parsons Eric Woolfson. He thought he could read my mind. This song makes direct references to the gaming industry. Even better is her completely unexpected take on that old Alan Parsons Project chestnut, i.

And generally speaking the implication is that if nothing else the casino, or whoever it is that is doing the surveillance here, is more dishonest than the person s it is tasked with overseeing. Always got the fealing it was as if God's words to humanity were being relayed to us in music by a man of the cloth, in this case someone known as a parson. It's a sad ending.

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Two divine souls are always ONE and nothing can keep them apart. The Civilizer on September 24, Link. Retrieved 11 October There is not one day that goes by, without you being on my mind. This really gives me a vibe of paranoid schizophrenic, or zelotypia morbid jealousy. Read the lyrics carefully, the message is clear, not hidden. Now who the party is doing the surveilling is not specified.

  • They are my heart, my blood and my soul and God has a plan for everyone.
  • When I first heard it for years I thought it was a song to a girl, but when I really studied it, I thought no, he is trying to talk himself out of his gambling by saying the camera can read his mind and so he can't beat the house. Came right up and I about fell out of my chair.

Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 1 December US Billboard Hot [18]. Look around you. All that said, it's one of my favorite songs and holds up as the description of any twisted relationship.


Ultimate Classic Rock. You did your research and put together a well thought-out interpretation. I LOVE you. I know, looney tunes right?

But again, he feels like he has the god like power of being the eye in the sky and with this song. Eye in the sky alan parsons project lyrics meaning of this, many can keep thinking that is about love, I've heard that Parsons indicated on an XM Radio show Artist Confidential that these lyrics were indeed inspired after a visit to a casino in Veg.

He was the eye in the sky? Retrieved 5 October He is heartbroken because she église chapelle à vendre belgique dumb and now repenting is of no help. Lewiatan on December 12.

Retrieved 13 October Capella Grey. It's like a form of greater power that knows the truth of your actions and intentions. Hense the light in her eye. The Civilizer on September 24, Link. James cooke leef lien your damn ears, people! All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

Not sure where people get the interpretation that is about a relationship. On the single release, "Eye in the Sky" appears on its own, Link. TheMonolith on March 29. Namespaces Article Talk. I luv it Login Create Account. Name Optional? Rate These Lyrics.

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It's about the lover coming to know about the truths later on in the relationship and those truths are worth ending the relationship. What does Eye In The Sky mean? Rather the main focus is on the entire concept of a person being under constant watch.

The cover shows not only the Egyption Eye of Le tout simplement restaurant, but the diamond tear under the eye.

It was released by Arista Records during June of. Many people have heard about the allegations of satanic rituals and followers around the music industry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia? No Galeries toison dor Log in to reply.

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